After two years of development, our team came up with the simple and elegant design that includes space for five filters and a modular structure that lets you add and remove components.

Unique Modular Design

Every part of QIVEGR can be removed or added by yourself

The unique slotted design makes changing the filter as easy as opening a drawer. It includes 5 kinds of filters:

1. Initial filter: filters larger dust particles, hair or pet hair.

2. Washing filter: filters dust and pollen or smaller particles.

3. HEPA(H12): removes PM2.5.

4. Activated Carbon Filter: adsorbs odors in the air and removes formaldehyde.

5. Cold Catalyst filter: decomposes bacteria into carbon dioxide.

QIVEGR has a modular design that lets you remove and add features you need. These include:

• Fan

• Light

• PM2.5 sensor

• WIFI antennae

• UV light

The shell is made of environmentally friendly materials that naturally decompose.

You can even choose your own casing and add your own photos.

With the smartphone app, you can easily observe air quality and get reminders to change the filter.

Watch this 30 second clip to learn how it works!

We used smoke bombs to test the purification ability.

We only used water to wash the filter.

The results surprised.

QIVEGR only took four minutes to filter the thick smoke bombs.

We are raising funds for QIVEGR on indiegogo to bring you the world’s first air purifier that uses five different filters and with a unique modular designed.

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