washing filter

No need to change the filter

General air purifiers need regular changing of the filter, costing extra money on replacement filters. We designed a washable filter for QIVEGR that can be reused as long as it is cleaned and dried.

Five levels of filtration

QIVEGR has five different filters depending on the air quality situation. It has a unique removable slot that makes it easy to replace, remove or add filters. You can use five filters at a time to capture all particles in the air, including dirt, dust mites, pollen, and up to PM2.5, so you can breathe easier.

Pets love it too!

Pets often shed and the hair that floats around can be irksome and cats in particular breath in dust every time they use cat litter, which is quite harmful to the cat’s lungs.

QIVEGR absorbs pet hair and filters dust in the air, making it great for pet health too.

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